Migration hosting

I am looking to get a site completely moved from Hostgator’s cPanel shared hosting, to an AWS EC2 instance.

I want the existing setup replicated AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE – this means that I want cPanel to be installed on the EC2 instance (although it does not need to be the same version of cPanel).

We have multiple system-critical applications that are running from this domain, therefore EVERYTHING MUST WORK, we cannot have the case that certain PHP functions unexpectedly break as this will be very expensive for us. We also have multiple email accounts (20+) which must be COMPLETELY moved to the new server, with all emails and folder structure intact. We have multiple large (~100k lines) SQL databases which must also be moved, intact. The data on the site is 75 GB – however, not all of these files are system critical. Estimated real transfer amount may be around ~40GB of data.

I have done this procedure before, myself, but that time the site I moved was smaller, and downtime was less system critical. I ran into some problems configuring the stock cPanel AMI on AWS, which lead to problems sending and receiving emails – this is an unacceptable risk which is why I am looking to outsource the project, therefore it is CRITICAL that the applicant HAS RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND HAS DONE THIS OR SOMETHING SIMILAR BEFORE.


Final points: We are constantly receiving emails, so I will need to be briefed on how to migrate over the latest emails during the overlap, before deleting everything from the old server (I will complete this final step myself).

I know roughly the amount of work involved in this and therefore I would estimate the timescale to be a few days, realistically – I believe the price range is fair for that time. I will only be accepting Freelancers with a high volume of good reviews because of the importance of this job to my company.


Dmytro did a very professional job, and communicated well from start to finish. There were some unexpected issues that added to the complexity of the task, but Dmytro had no problem going the extra mile and working tirelessly until everything was fixed. I am very happy with the result.

worldsafarComplete transfer of Hostgator cPanel hosted website to AWS EC2 instance with no downtime